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Male Dragons


This our boy Flame he is from Bloodbank Dragons, he is a Red Tiger Leatherback 100% het Hypo. Possible Het. Trans. This boy ahs produced some beautiful Micro-Scaled Hypo. Leatherbacks.

Kami our male Citrus tiger from Draggintails, He is an Antonio X Shamy Line Dragon. This boy is almost as yellow as a highlighter with some beautiful orange down the spine and lavender side bars. This guy is such a laid back male, except when the ladies are around. He has produced some beautiful Citrus Tigers, Fire Tigers and a couple of Rainbow Tigers. Look out for his son JR. who is a Rainbow Tiger and one of our future breeders.

Limon - is a Hypo. Yellow Pastel. This guy gets fired up when he sees the ladies. This boy has some beautiful pastel coloration with a beautiful yellow colored beard. This boy is one of our main breeders and has produced some beautiful offspring consisting of almost white Marketed Leucistics as well as some very colorful yellow Hypos.

Marley is a 100% Sunburst X Bloodbank Citrus Translucent. He is a partial Trans. and weighs in at 450grams at 11 months. We will be breeding him this year, this boy will be one of our core breeders. He is one of the youngest Males and is already the Alpha Male in the House. First two was him at six months the rest are current pics.
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